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How can mindfulness support gifted/2e people on the journey of gifted development?    

This is the guiding question we seek to answer at the GMC. For more than two thousand years, mindfulness has been adapted and modified according to various cultures in order to make the practice as relevant as possible to the experience of each particular culture. As giftedness emerges as a culture in its own right, we are exploring how robust mindfulness – the blend of ancient wisdom traditions, modern science + social transformation – can be adapted to the gifted/2e person's unique experience and needs.  

We're just getting started!

This space is dedicated to highlighting the resources we will be both creating and curating as we explore the intersection of mindfulness and giftedness. Here are a few as we get started...


Sustainable Intensity and Self-Compassion:
A Mindful Perspective

In this article for Third Factor Magazine, Kelly offers people living with intensity a mindful approach for moving through the early stages of positive disintegration with reduced suffering and increased resilience.       READ MORE . . .

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Gifted Mindfulness: Up Close + Personal  

Kelly sits down with gifted coach and founder of InterGifted, Jennifer Harvey Sallin, to chat about their personal journeys of embracing mindfulness as gifted adults, common gifted experiences + challenges, and the launch of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective.


On the Emergence of Mindfulness x Giftedness  

In this article, Kelly shows how robust mindfulness offers gifted people valuable tools for addressing our challenges and supporting ourselves on the gifted development journey.


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The Long Journey of the Overexcitable Meditator: An Interview with Kate Arms

Third Factor Magazine sat down with Kate Arms, an experienced meditator and life coach, to discuss how meditation can be helpful to those with overexcitabilities. A helpful article for any gifted person who has ever said, “I wish I could meditate, but my mind’s just too active!”     READ MORE . . .


Planting Seeds of Mindfulness: Creating the Conditions to Help Gifted Kids

Gifted education experts, Dorothy Sisk + Michele Kane, offer a comprehensive introduction to the art + science of mindfulness with a special focus on the traits and needs of the gifted. In the book's foreword, Linda Silverman writes, "This book touched me deeply. ... Now I know I need to bring more mindfulness into my life." An excellent resource for anyone touched by the intensity, sensitivity, and depth of the gifted experience.   

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