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This space is dedicated to resources we've been creating as we explore at the intersection of giftedness and mindfulness.

lace & flow

LACE and FLOW are the two core frameworks that guide our practice at the GMC. They have emerged from many years of personal practice, study & exploration as well as professional experience supporting gifted and twice-exceptional people...

lace & flow


LACE is an acronym for the 4 core skills* we focus on cultivating at the GMC. Together, they enable a more skillful & integrated experience of gifted being...

  • Lovingkindness - healing & strengthening our gifts of the heart

  • Attention - cultivating agency of attention in minds that are pulled in myriad directions

  • Clarity - seeing the truth of our unique, complex experience

  • Equanimity - developing inner stability amidst intense experience

*This framework was inspired by the work of Shinzen Young


FLOW is a practice made for these times.

Grounded in Buddhist & spiritual wisdom traditions, systems science, deep ecology, and the gifted/2e experience, FLOW cultivates the 4 capacities of LACE for groundedness, clarity, spaciousness, and compassion. Deepening our embodiment of this presence restores our connection with the natural rhythms of life and enables a more authentic and sustainable experience and expression ― a flow ― of gifted being.  

FLOW is a rich & versatile, yet easy-to-remember pathway to practice...

  • Finding a groundedness of attention and being

  • Looking deeply into sensory experience across the mind-body-heart landscape 

  • Opening to what is arising without grasping or resisting

  • Welcoming the whole of our complex experience with care & compassion

​If you are interested in learning more about the 4 LACE skills as they relate to the gifted experience, GMC founder Kelly Pryde wrote about them in detail here. If you would like to cultivate LACE & FLOW in your own life as a gifted or 2e person, you can sign up for our 6-week gifted mindfulness foundations program or inquire about joining our community of practice for gifted women.


Emergence: Contemplations & Creative Expressions of the Gifted Feminine

This is the Gifted Mindfulness Collective's first writing and art compilation featuring essays, reflections, poetry, artwork and resources centered on the gifted feminine. More than 35 entries are included here where gifted and twice-exceptional women give voice to the gifted feminine, re-story their lived experiences in a patriarchal & normative culture, and begin reclaiming their fullness of being. Themes include gifted feminine discovery and recovery, sensual and spiritual intelligence, gender, body wisdom, nature connections, relationships, leadership, and rewilding. 


Bursting with gifted feminine beauty and sovereignty, this ebook makes an important contribution to the gifted adult literature at a time when the feminine is deeply called for.


ebooks, articles & videos


Befriending Our Gifted Minds: Mindfulness & the Inner Experience of Giftedness

Advanced Development Journal, Vol 18

In this peer-reviewed paper, Kelly shares her journey in discovering the transformative power of mindfulness for supporting the inner experience of adult giftedness. Buddhist & modern psychology, along with the experiences of other gifted adults, are woven throughout. 




Sustainable Intensity and Self-Compassion:
A Mindful Perspective

In this article for Third Factor Magazine, Kelly offers people living with intensity a mindful approach for moving through the early stages of positive disintegration with reduced suffering and increased resilience. 



Sustainable Intensity_Homepage.png

On the Emergence of Mindfulness x Giftedness  

In this article, Kelly shows how robust mindfulness offers gifted people valuable tools for addressing our challenges and supporting ourselves on the gifted development journey.


Mindfulness for Gifted People (1).png
GM Video Chat


Gifted Mindfulness: Up Close & Personal  

Kelly sits down with giftedness advocate and founding director of InterGifted, Jennifer Harvey Sallin, to chat about their personal journeys of embracing mindfulness as gifted adults, common gifted experiences & challenges, and the launch of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective.

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