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Mindfulness Foundations for Gifted Women in a Changing World

Feb 4 - March 11, 2023

February Offering is Full

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A unique opportunity for gifted & twice-exceptional women who want to learn embodied & gifted-specific approaches to mindfulness to support their intensity & complexity and use their gifts meaningfully in our changing world.

Mindfulness offers gifted & twice-exceptional (2e) people a rich opportunity to not only befriend and support their unique minds, bodies and hearts, but also engage in and with the world in meaningful ways. And yet, learning to practice mindfulness with a divergent mind can be extremely challenging when our unique needs and experiences are not understood or supported in traditional settings. Additionally for women, there is the added intersectionality of gender, so trying to cultivate and integrate mindfulness skills within patriarchal structures can limit and even hinder our progress. Now more than ever we need to restore and cultivate the deep wisdom & compassion of the gifted feminine.

This program is a unique opportunity for gifted & 2e women to come together and learn embodied and gifted-specific approaches to mindfulness in a safe, compassionate space free of externally imposed patriarchy. We learn how to slow down (in a gifted-friendly way!), gain insight into & support our unique intensity and complexity, get in touch with parts of ourselves that have been suppressed, integrate healthy feminine & masculine energies, and embody new possibilities for authentic self-expression that are congruent with life-affirming change in our world. 


The Program

This 6-week experiential program has been carefully crafted over several years to weave together spiritual wisdom traditions, systems science, expressive art, and gifted/2e feminine experience in ways that are relevant to the gifted journey in our changing world. Each week, together with Kelly Pryde and a small group of up to 8 gifted women from around the world, we'll explore... 




  • Understanding mindfulness within the context of the gifted feminine mind, body and heart

  • Learning skills & practices within the LACE & FLOW frameworks for supporting your intensity, complexity & drive, particularly during challenging and disintegrative times

  • Working skillfully with difficult feelings and mental states (i.e., perfectionism, inner critic, self-doubt, caregiver burnout) common to gifted women through self-compassion, somatic experiencing & earth-based wisdom

  • Discovering intimacy with and aliveness of gifted being

  • Restoring healthy interpersonal connections via safe space, gifted mirroring & relational mindfulness

  • Using mindfulness in everyday life as a gifted woman

Live Weekly Sessions

Starting Saturday February 4th, we'll meet weekly as a group on zoom for ~2.5 hours: 1 - 3:30 pm eastern standard time / 10 - 12:30 pm pacific / 7 - 9:30pm central europe.

Between Session Support + Guidance

After each session, you will receive a practice or activity related to the week’s theme so you can continue to work with the concepts and techniques throughout the week.  And, beginning in Week 2 through to the end of Week 5, Kelly will hold “office hours” for anyone who would like one-on-one support.  

In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 7 participants. This course is content-, experience- and insight-rich and has been deeply transformative for many of our participants. It has even converted many mindfulness skeptics! You can read what past participants have said here.  



We offer 3 fee options to accommodate differing financial means:    

  • Supported fee: 495 USD  

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective.

  • Sustainable fee: 575 USD 

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the collective. 

  • Rebalance fee: 645 USD  

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for other gifted women. 

Payments are made via PayPal. We trust you to assess accurately where you are within this fee structure. For reference, this graphic by Alexis Cunningfolk offers more specific guidance.We also offer payment options & arrangements for those who may need them. Please contact us to discuss options. 

(The social justice oriented fee structure is inspired by & adapted from Rev. angel Kyodo williams.)

*Please note: Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate. This course is trauma-informed and complements (but does not replace) psychotherapy, counselling, or medical care for mental health issues or trauma recovery. Please discuss this course with your health care provider before registering.

Have Questions?

If you have questions or would like to understand how this course might be relevant for you personally, please feel free to contact Kelly


To add your name to the waitlist for the next offering, email:

What gifted women have said about this program

This course is an uncommon marriage of heart and mind, hypercharged by the gifted lens through which it was so clearly created. It is somehow both simple and sophisticated, having kept my mind engaged without overwhelming it. Kelly's warmth and the mirroring of the women I sat with helped create a safe environment that, as a person with childhood trauma, I never experienced anywhere else. I finally feel what I once thought was unattainable: that I can move through the world with my mind as a partner and friend, rather than some chaotic curse to suppress and be ashamed of.

Mariya, United States

Giftedness as a concept is still fairly new to me. I joined the GMC with an openness of mind and a desire to learn and connect. I could not have foreseen the gifts that awaited. Kelly’s warm and inviting nature laid the foundation for a room of unique women to share their complexities with trust and grace. The energy of acceptance, understanding, and respect was palpable and healing. I am still reflecting and synthesizing all the lessons and reflections I’ve gathered from this experience that are beyond quantifiable. The mirroring, depth of conversation, and compassion gave rise to a deep sense of belonging. These women and this experience are forever woven within the fabric of my sense of self. I now have referential data for what it feels like to disintegrate and reintegrate into the fullness of the human experience. I extend many blessings of gratitude to this community! More spaces like this are needed in this world! 



Having been unidentified for the majority of my life, Kelly's foundations course provided me with my first in-depth understanding of what it means to be a gifted woman. The information and tools she provided have drastically changed how I interact with my environment and how I meet myself and my internal challenges on a daily basis. The structure of the course was fluid and easy to understand, yet satiating and stimulating for the gifted brain. I highly recommend this course for anyone who's yearning for a deeper understanding of their experience as a 2e/gifted woman, or potentially looking for simple, yet effective tools to manage the unique challenges that often accompany giftedness.

Talia, Canada

This is a fantastic course that has greatly benefitted me. It has without doubt been one of the best investments that I have made in my life. Regardless of where you are on your gifted journey, this course will give you a strong foundation to embrace your true self and to connect with others that understand you. 

Grace, United Kingdom

Foundations Testimonials

"...a sacred journey" 

"...feels like a miracle with all its specificity and impact" 

"...truly changed my life" 

"...I feel like I belong here" 

"...just amazing ... wish it didn't have to end" 

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