The Gifted Mindfulness Collective is a mindfulness center dedicated to supporting gifted + 2e people around the world who seek freedom of their authentic selves.

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Our Values

Our core values include: integrity, community, wisdom, compassionate action, and gifted well-being.

Our Vision

The guiding vision of the GMC is to be a catalyst for the adaption of mindfulness to enable gifted and twice-exceptional people around the world, from all walks of life, to find freedom of their authentic selves.

Our Mission

The GMC is a mindfulness center that provides the infrastructure, education, support, research, resources, and opportunities that enable gifted/2e people to support their unique inner experience and desire for authentic growth and connection. 

In partnership with InterGifted, an international network of gifted individuals and professionals, we work to fulfill this mission through four major initiatives:

  1. Education - Our courses, mentorship, and resources provide gifted-specific opportunities for learning mindfulness-based tools, practices, wisdom teachings, and scientific research to support gifted growth and development. 

  2. Community - Our virtual community of practice, live online courses, and social media channels are dedicated to providing gifted and 2e people with opportunities for connection and mirroring with like-minded peers and developing/deepening their mindfulness practice in a safe, compassionate space.

  3. Research + Resources - How can mindfulness support gifted and twice-exceptional people on the journey of gifted development? is the guiding question for our research and resources. Our website, members-only guided meditation library, and social media channels serve as curation spaces for resources exploring the intersection of giftedness/2e and mindfulness. We will also be conducting our own qualitative research on this intersection in order to inform and support gifted/2e individuals, families, organizations, researchers, and professionals.

  4. Outreach - Our initial steps will be connecting with gifted individuals, professionals, and organizations to raise awareness of the GMC's initiatives, as well as providing financial assistance to gifted + 2e individuals who may not otherwise have access to our education and community opportunities. Our long-term aim is to connect with and provide gifted-specific mindfulness-based support to disfavored and at-risk gifted populations. 

Kelly Pryde is the founder and guiding teacher of the GMC. She is a behavioral neuroscientist, gifted coach and mentor, and meditation teacher and practitioner. Her work is to guide gifted and twice-exceptional people in supporting their intensities and complexities in mindfulness-based ways that enable them to live sustainably, meaningfully, and authentically.  

As a 2e person and parent, Kelly knows firsthand what it's like to live with unsupported intensity; she is well-versed in the gifted "outs": burnout, bum-out, and freak-out. A robust mindfulness practice coupled with a comprehensive understanding of giftedness and neurodiversity were instrumental in her own journey of growth and healing, enabling her to support her intensities in sustainable, authentic ways. 

Kelly studies and trains extensively in various traditions – from Zen, Insight meditation, and Unified Mindfulness to Mindful Self-Compassion, somatics, and mindful movement for trauma. Her core practice continues to be rooted in the Zen tradition where she has been given teaching authority in the lineage of Tongdosa in South Korea. As part of her own self-development as a 2e person, it is essential to her to adapt these teachings and practices in ways that are relevant to the gifted/2e person's unique experience. 


The intersection of mindfulness and giftedness has become the heart of her work – in continuing to guide her own personal development, in exploring the possibilities for the gifted/2e community, and in supporting gifted people on the path to personal freedom, which is also the path to collective freedom. The Gifted Mindfulness Collective has evolved out of this passion and work. 


You can learn more about Kelly here and her journey to embracing mindfulness as a neurodiverse adult here. You can also learn more about our partner organization, InterGifted, here. Feel free to reach out to Kelly anytime to explore coaching + mentoring, Mindfulness for Gifted People courses, and/or joining our GMC community of practice at kelly@drkellypryde.com.