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About the GMC

Since 2019, the GMC has been adapting and weaving ancient wisdom practices with modern science to meet the joys and challenges of gifted living.    

The Gifted Mindfulness Collective was born from Kelly's deep desire for other gifted and 2e persons to experience the power of mindfulness to heal and transform us, both personally and collectively. 

Kelly Pryde is the founder and guiding facilitator of the GMC. She is a trained neuropsychologist, coach and mentor, and authorized meditation teacher. Guided by her dharma name Kwan Um Haeng which means "compassionate action", the heart of Kelly's work is to guide gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) people in living mindfully to support their intensities and complexities, embody the beauty and dignity of their unique being, and reconnect with themselves, others, and life itself in sustainable ways.  

As a 2e person and parent, Kelly knows firsthand what it's like to live with unsupported intensity; she is well-versed in the gifted "outs": burnout, bumout (which includes boreout), and freakout. A robust mindfulness practice in safe community coupled with a comprehensive understanding of giftedness and neurodivergence were instrumental in her own journey of recovery and growth.


Kelly studies and trains extensively in various traditions – from Zen, Insight meditation, and Unified Mindfulness to Mindful Self-Compassion, feminine spirituality, and deep ecology. Her core practice continues to be rooted in the Zen tradition where she has received teaching authority and dharma transmission (Inka) in the lineage of Tongdosa in South Korea. She is currently a facilitator-in-training for The Work that Reconnects in the lineage of Joanna Macy and is deeply influenced by the work of Joanna Macy and Thich Nhat Hanh. 


You can learn more about Kelly here and her journey to embracing mindfulness as a gifted adult here. You can also learn more about our partner organization, InterGifted, here. Feel free to reach out to Kelly anytime to explore mentoring, gifted mindfulness courses, and/or joining our women's community of practice at


Land Acknowledgement

We offer our deepest respect and gratitude to the Anishinaabe First Nations Peoples on whose land near Toronto, Canada the Gifted Mindfulness Collective operates. Translated to english, Anishinaabe means "Good Humans." May our desire to be good humans and our engaged practice contribute to the restoration of the whole you have always known. 

To find out which Indigenous territory you are living or working on, please visit: Native Land

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