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Healing Gifted Shame

Next offering TBD in 2024

Healing Gifted Shame 

An Embodied Journey into the Imaginal Realm for Gifted Women

Shame thrives in silence & secrecy. Join a small group of gifted and 2e women as we journey into the imaginal realm to shine a light on toxic shame and begin to liberate the fullness of our gifts.

Gifted shame is perhaps the most painful and complex of emotions. It underlies the inner critic, perfectionist, imposter, as well as other struggles common to giftedness. When intersected with the gifted feminine experience, shame takes on many added layers of intensity and complexity that can not only be difficult to get in touch with, but also prevent us from using our gifts fully and authentically – even after years of healing work.


In this 3.5 hour workshop, we’ll go beyond traditional cognitive and somatic-emotional approaches to working with shame to mindfully explore a journey into the imaginal realm. We'll draw on the range of our gifted capacities – sensual, emotional, intellectual, physical, imaginal – to meet gifted feminine shame in a new way. We’ll explore how to begin gently dialoguing with and transforming toxic shame in order to relate to our gifted selves, others and our lives with greater courage, resilience, aliveness and meaning.


During our time, we will explore themes and questions including:

  • personal and collective roots of gifted feminine shame, including looking at these through the lenses of archetypal psychology and neurobiology

  • why gifted feminine shame can be so difficult to heal and why we need to be cautious with self-compassion and somatic-emotional approaches

  • what is the imaginal realm, and how do we access it through the (colonized) gifted mindbody

  • how to work with archetypal imagery, story and energy in mindful ways that support us on our path to wholeness and authenticity as gifted women

Cost + Logistics


In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 8 participants. We will meet for 3.5 hours on Saturday November 18 from 12-3:30 pm ET / 9am-12:30pm PT / 6-9:30pm CEST. There is one spot remaining for the November date. 

We offer 3 fee options to accommodate differing financial means:    

  • Supported fee: 95 USD  

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective. Due to the small size of this workshop, we have limited spots at the supported rate. These spots are currently full for November.

  • Sustainable fee: 135 USD 

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the collective. 

  • Rebalance fee: 165 USD  

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for other gifted women. 

Payments are made via PayPal. We trust you to assess accurately where you are within this fee structure. 

To register for the next offering or add your name to the waitlist, please email:

A Note About Readiness to Participate


Please note that this workshop is for women who are at a place in their gifted development where they are emotionally resourced and able to explore this topic in a generative way. We will be exploring the unconscious psyche, which can be destabilizing for those struggling with emotional overwhelm or nervous system dysregulation. While all of our offerings are trauma-informed, we do not address strategies for traumatic stress. If you are just starting out on your gifted discovery/recovery journey, you may need gifted-specific support before participating. Please contact Kelly or your care provider if you are unsure about your readiness to participate.

What gifted women have said about this workshop

Kelly has this extraordinary gift where she can both frame and hold the space open for whatever comes from the participants' narrative and needs. There is no "one size fits all" approach in Kelly's work. I was surprised by what came from my inner self in the practice Kelly presented as a part of the workshop, which pointed toward where I wanted to focus, leaning forward. It was eye-opening how I quickly connected dots I had not done before. In the weeks following the workshop, I processed topics that came through. Kelly provides the frame so that everyone will get in touch with their specific most-needed issues to work on.

M.G., Norway

I had high hopes on the Healing Gifted Shame workshop, and it even exceeded those expectations! The structure, imagery, theory, integration, interaction with the other attendees and Kelly's unique way of guiding people through the process are finely interwoven and present to be a work of art. An utterly transformative and healing one. I didn't believe that so much healing could happen in such a short amount of time. I am truly mesmerized! For anyone feeling "kind of stuck" or disconnected from vital parts of themselves, this workshop is for you. I am deeply grateful for you offering this magical experience! Thank you, Kelly.

Lena M, Germany

I am STILL processing all the thoughts, imagery, and sparks of ideas from the session. It’s amazing to connect with someone like Kelly, who has found their true calling and is dedicated to providing women with much needed space for these important connections and conversations.


I was hesitant about taking part in this workshop simply because I'd never had a good experience in group settings like this. Less than 5 minutes in, I knew I'd finally found the right place. I've never heard my life experiences, my deepest feelings about myself, mirrored back to me like this. I've waited 47 years to find out that it really isn't just me - there are other women like me, and they get it. This workshop felt like finding a home for the first time. 

Tracy, Canada

I love the mythopoetic nature of this workshop! It resonated deeply in places that therapy and psycho-education don't reach, and it re-awakened parts of me that had been long buried and forgotten. Gifted shame is a dark, difficult part of the psyche to work on and the framework Kelly shares does a wonderful job of shining a light on that part and breaking it down into components that are easy to make sense of. This workshop has opened up a new path in my healing journey and given me great tools to carry forward. Thank you Kelly!


Shannon, USA

Greatly appreciated the depth of information as well as how clearly and insightfully it was articulated by Kelly in the workshop. Kelly held such a warm, welcoming, safe space that felt comfortable right from the start. It was wonderful to connect with amazing women around the world to explore the crucial subject of gifted shame. I’ve taken away so much from this workshop that will stay with me for a very long time. Highly recommend! 


Lil J, Australia

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