Courses + Workshops

Our current offerings are dedicated to supporting gifted and 2e women in cultivating insight, inner stability, connection, and compassion to embrace & express the fullness of their unique being for themselves, their loved ones, and the more beautiful world we know is possible...

6-Week Course - May/June '22

Mindfulness Foundations for Gifted Women

Cultivate core mindfulness skills & practices as you come home to your gifted self. 


Workshop - Coming 2022

Healing Gifted Shame for Women

Delve into the imaginal realm and transform unhealthy gifted shame.


4-Week Course

Embodied Mindfulness for Gifted Women

Draw on spiritual wisdom, somatics & ecology to deepen your sensual intelligence. 

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Workshop - March 26, 2022

Mindful of Gifted Anger (& Rage) for Women

Learn to transform the energies of gifted feminine anger & rage in skillful ways.


Workshop - Coming 2022

Grieving the Feminine Wound for Gifted Women

Engage in grief work to liberate the personal & collective pain of the wounded feminine.