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A unique opportunity for gifted women who are ready to learn how to befriend + support their unique minds and express themselves authentically through the practice of mindfulness ― for themselves, their loved ones, and the world we know is possible.

Now more than ever, authenticity and conscious ways of being are essential to our collective transformation. Mindfulness offers us a rich opportunity to embody these ways of being, and yet, learning to practice mindfulness effectively can be a challenge for gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) people whose unique needs and experiences are often not understood or supported in traditional settings. Gifted-specific mindfulness has been developed to meet the intensity + complexity of the gifted experience, offering gifted and 2e adults an opportunity to come to know, befriend, support, and express their unique minds in skillful ways. By cultivating mindfulness skills, the gifted/2e mind becomes less reactive, more forgiving of imperfections, less attached to certain outcomes, and better able to navigate difficult emotions and mental states related to intensity + complexity, particularly during this tumultuous time on our planet. These capacities also enable deeper fulfillment, connection with others, and authentic self-expression.

Our June offering is a new and unique opportunity to explore mindfulness through a gifted feminine lens as we gather as a group of gifted women! We'll have the opportunity to reclaim gifts we may have lost or hidden along the way, learn how to meet ourselves with dignity + compassion, cultivate agency, and embody new possibilities for authentic self-expression. Together.

The Program

This 6-week experiential program has been carefully crafted over several years to weave together eastern wisdom, modern science, and gifted/2e experience in ways that are relevant to the gifted journey. Each week, together with Kelly Pryde and a small group of up to 6-8 gifted women from around the world, we'll explore... 




  • Understanding mindfulness within the context of the (feminine) gifted brain + body

  • Learning techniques for supporting your inner experience (intensity, complexity + drive)

  • Working skillfully with difficult feelings and mental states common to gifted women through self-compassion + somatic experiencing

  • (Re)discovering intimacy with and authenticity of the gifted self

  • Restoring healthy interpersonal connections via safe space + gifted mirroring

  • Using mindfulness in everyday life as a gifted woman - at home, work, and play

Live Weekly Sessions

We meet as a group for ~ 2 hours each week beginning Saturday June 6th (with times to be determined with participants) where gifted-specific content is explored, tools + techniques are introduced and practiced, and discussion + connection with gifted peers is held. We meet on the video conferencing platform (you are welcome to use audio only if you prefer). 

Between Session Support + Guidance

After each session, you will receive a link to download a guided audio version of the meditation practice from that week’s meeting so you can continue to work with the tools and techniques throughout the week. 

During the 6 weeks, you will also have free access to a private online discussion space moderated by Kelly to ask questions, share reflections, get support for your practice, and continue connection with your peers from the course.

And beginning in Week 2 through to the end of Week 5, Kelly will hold “office hours” for anyone who would like one-on-one support.  

In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 8 participants. This course is content-, practice- and insight-rich and has been transformative for many of our participants (see Course Feedback here).  



We offer 3 pricing options to accommodate differing financial means:    

  • Supported fee: 495 USD  

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective.

  • Sustainable fee: 575 USD 

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the collective. 

  • Rebalance fee: 655 USD  

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for other gifted women. 

Payments are made via PayPal. We also offer flexible payment options + arrangements for those who may need them. Please contact us to discuss options. 

(The social justice oriented fee structure is inspired by + adapted from Rev. angel Kyodo williams.)

*Please note: Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate. This course is trauma-informed and complements (but does not replace) psychotherapy, counselling, or medical care for mental health issues or trauma recovery. Please discuss this course with your health care provider before registering.

Have Questions?

If you have questions or would like to understand how this course might be relevant for you personally, please feel free to contact Kelly



“I just completed this course and it was wonderful! I found it extremely helpful to be able to discuss in depth with gifted peers and to be heard by them. It helped me to realize how important it is for me to take the time to be with and understand myself as a gifted adult. It revived dormant aspects of myself that I now know need attention, and I feel better equipped to give that attention thanks to the tools I learned from Kelly. Thank you very much for offering this important work to gifted people. It is a huge relief to have self-development opportunities that are tailored for me!"


—  E.V., UK

—  Name

For gifted adults who want to learn mindfulness-based body integrative approaches to support their intensities as well as their personal growth + healing.

Email us with questions and/or to be notified when the next course opens for registration!

Toxic stress, trauma, unsupported intensities, and challenging upbringings can overwhelm our sensitive nervous systems as gifted people, leaving us feeling anxious, overly protective, and disconnected from our bodies. Supporting our intensities and being able to hold the fullness of our gifted selves requires (re)integrating and (re)sourcing both the gifted mind + body.


This course will provide you with gifted-specific insights and practical tools for reconnecting your mind-body, dealing with toxic stress + trauma, and feeling more grounded, regulated, and confident to channel your gifted intensities in authentic ways. Our safe, inclusive space of like-minded and -hearted peers offers a unique kind of "laboratory" where we can explore the gifted mind-body experience both personally and collectively.  

The Program

This is a 4-week online course (four 2 - 2.5 hour sessions) with a limited group of gifted and 2-/multi-exceptional peers led by Kelly Pryde. We meet on the platform in a safe, compassionate space where you are welcome to join via audio only if you prefer. Sessions include thematic discussions, experiential exercises, 15 mindfulness-based tools + practices for self-resourcing, and connection with gifted peers.



  • Resourcing strategies for supporting overexcitabilities and the healing of gifted shame + trauma

  • Understanding the neurobiology of the gifted mind-body connection

  • Harnessing your innate capacity for growth, healing and wholeness 

  • Developing embodied boundaries; feeling more grounded and self aware to navigate relational challenges common to gifted people

  • Cultivating embodied joy and authenticity of gifted living 



  • TBD


We know that the value of a dollar is not the same for everyone in the current economic system. We are currently working on a new model of pricing that will both support the tangible + intangible costs of our offerings and make them accessible to everyone who feels they would benefit from them. In the meantime, we offer flexible payment options + arrangements for those who may need them. Please contact us to discuss options. 

*Notes: Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate although is recommended to get the most out of the tools + practices taught in this course. The Mindfulness for Gifted Adults: Foundations course provides the fundamental skills and knowledge to support this program. 

This course is trauma-informed and complements (but does not replace) psychotherapy, counselling, or medical care for mental health issues or trauma recovery. Please discuss this course with your health care provider before registering.

Have Questions?

If you have questions and/or would like to know more about this course, please don't hesitate to contact us.



“I've been through years of talk therapy and I think I learned more about myself and made more progress in 6 hours with Kelly and the group than I have in all my previous self-work, no joke.  Understanding the gifted experience through a trauma lens (that sounds overblown at first? but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was actually extremely apt and I'd been downplaying, you know, everything, forever) and understanding the brain-body connection better helped me unlock a bunch of issues that I'd been feeling stuck on.  Kelly gives your thinking brain plenty to chew on, and then helps you start to learn to tell it to go sit down for a minute, please, so that your essential self can enjoy space and calm.  I'd never been able to get there by myself, but I think I have some tools to start working on it.  I might be able to make it through this disintegration now :)"


—  R.S., USA

For gifted adults who want to learn basic meditation techniques and mindfulness theory in a gifted-relevant way to support their unique journeys.

Many gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional people are using meditation as a way of managing their overexciteabilities, getting to know their unique minds, and finding more wisdom, authenticity, and joy in the gifted experience. For beginners, however, the field of meditation and mindfulness can be quite confusing ― mindfulness has become a buzz-word used in a variety of ways; there’s a myriad of meditation apps, courses, and traditions to choose from; and many approaches do not provide the framework, mirroring, and depth/breadth of information that most gifted people need for their unique understanding and experience.


This is a 2.5 - 3 hour workshop led by Kelly Pryde for gifted adults who want to learn basic meditation techniques and mindfulness theory in a gifted-relevant way ― what mindfulness is, how to practice it (safely) and develop core skills using versatile techniques, as well as how it can support your unique inner experience as a gifted person. Within a group of gifted peers, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, share, and explore mindfulness meditation as it relates to the gifted experience.  

Themes include


  • Understanding mindfulness theory and skills as they relate to giftedness

  • Learning core meditation techniques and how they transform common gifted challenges ― personally, such as hyper-/hypo-focus, non-stop thinking, and overwhelming emotions, as well as relationally

  • Gaining insight into and acceptance of the unique workings of your gifted mind

  • Identifying common gifted challenges and opportunities in meditation, as well as ways to customize your personal practice 


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is designed for adults who identify as gifted or twice-/multi-exceptional (you don’t need proof of IQ to participate!) and are interested in beginning a meditation practice, developing a more comprehensive framework for mindfulness meditation, and/or understanding mindfulness as it relates to giftedness.


The Primer workshop is ideal for those who would like to participate in our Gifted Sesshin retreats or Embodied Mindfulness for Gifted Adults course, but don’t have basic training in meditation. It’s also a great way to “dip your toes in” to gifted mindfulness before committing to our 6-week immersive Foundations course.*


*The core techniques taught in the Primer workshop are the same as those taught in the first 2 weeks of the Foundations course (minus the content on neurobiology, the gifted brain, and deconstructing gifted intensity). Those who complete the Primer workshop and want to delve in further via the 6-week Foundations course, can apply $50 USD from the cost of the Primer workshop to the Foundations course fee). 

Cost + Logistics


In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 10 participants. We will meet on the video conferencing platform (you may use audio only if you prefer) for 2.5 – 3 hours at a time agreed upon by workshop participants (typically late morning/early afternoon EST / late afternoon/early evening CEST).

The cost for this workshop is TBD. 


Payment options are available. Please contact us to discuss options. 


For those who are unable to participate in the workshop, Kelly also offers gifted mindfulness coaching and mentoring on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her, you can email her at


Have Questions?

If you have questions or would like to know more about this workshop, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Email us to be notified when this workshop

opens for registration:

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