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Join Our Gifted Women's Community of Practice

Our community is the gathering place for gifted/2e women to transform the conditioning of normative & patriarchal systems on our unique being, to slow down & sink into our inherent truth, sacredness & aliveness ― in all its complexity, and to remember our belonging.

Now in our third year, the Community of Practice was born out of a need for gifted women to have a safe, compassionate space in which to engage in meditation practice with others and be seen, heard, understood and appreciated in the fullness of their giftedness and feminine wisdom.

We gather online weekly to contemplate themes related to giftedness, the feminine, and spiritual wisdom via guided and unguided meditation, shared reflection, expressive art, and deep listening.

Some of the themes and questions we contemplate are:

  • What does it feel like to unmask and fully embody and express the gifted feminine?

  • How do patriarchy & neuronormativity affect the expression of our gifted intelligences and overexcitabilities? 

  • How can we (re)connect with our intuitive bodies and exquisitely sensitive hearts in mindful compassionate ways?

  • How can we draw on our creativity, intuition, complexity and our deep desire for healing & growth ― not only for ourselves, but also for each other, our families, and our communities during this time of great transformation? 

The refuge of the community fills a deep need for us to engage in meaningful, 'mile-deep' ways, receive mirroring, and be enriched as we cultivate skillful ways of gifted living in a changing world. You can read what members of our community have said about their experience here.


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Feeling at ease in a community in which we experience the comfort of feeling safe and seen, we begin to reconnect with our gifted selves, and by extension, the world around us,  in more authentic ways.

Our Community is currently full. Please contact us to add your name to the waitlist.

  • Weekly Gatherings*: four 90-minute live gatherings each month on zoom with themed focus, sitting meditation, shared reflection & discussion as well as contemplative art & journalling 

  • Connect with peers: ask questions, share reflections & resources, and receive & offer support with members during and between gatherings

  • Practice anytime with our (growing) library of recorded talks and guided meditations. There are currently 30+ themed meditations in the GMC library.

Our groups are intentionally small consisting of approximately 8 women.

*We currently have a Sunday & Thursday group that hold weekly gatherings from 10 - 11:30am Eastern Time. 

Here's what's included in community membership:

How to join:

In order to maintain a safe, supportive container in the community, new members are asked to commit to 2 months to start.* Following this initial period, members continue on a month-to-month basis.

We offer 3 fee options to accommodate differing financial means:    

  • Supported: 40 USD / month 

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective.

  • Sustainable:  50 USD / month  

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the community. 

  • Rebalance: 60 USD / month 

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for other gifted women. 

Monthly payments are made via PayPal. We trust you to assess accurately where you are within this fee structure. For reference, this graphic by Alexis Cunningfolk offers more specific guidance.

*A note about readiness to join the Community of Practice: While this space is safe, compassionate and supportive, it does not serve as a professional support group. If you are feeling resistant to or angry about giftedness, or if you are struggling with overwhelming emotions that would prevent you from fully participating (i.e., with video on, openly listening + sharing), it is recommended you seek gifted-specific support via coaching or therapy before joining. 


Social justice oriented fee model inspired by and adapted from Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

If you are interested in joining our community of gifted women, please email us at:

What members say about the community

Questioning paradigms, discovering niches, stretching boundaries, connecting systems, discovering truths individually and collectively, listening to what is not easy to hear and witnessing what is not easy to see in our daily hustling lives. This, and much more, is what I am grateful for to experience when we gather each Sunday to meditate, contemplate and generate. I love being in this circle of feminine gifted inspiration which enables with each heartening touch to connect to the buried and exiled a little more.

F.W., Switzerland

GMC Community of Practice is the safe space that I didn’t totally realize I was lacking, because I was so used to hiding my full self around other people (especially, gods help me, around other women).  It’s an extraordinary blessing to be able to join other gifted women every week, week after week, and be seen and held in all my complexity, and such an honor to help see and hold theirs.  It’s about mindfulness practice, for sure, but part of mindfulness for the gifted feminine mind is feeling connection – to each other, and to existence – and I’m not sure how easy it is for folks like us to get that connection in other places that offer “mindfulness.”  The tailoring really makes a difference.  Thank you, Kelly, and my GMC sisters, for being a haven of connection as we all make our way in this complicated world.


Reflecting on my experience with GMC I immediately feel the safety of a gathering that is gentle, consistent, warm and welcoming.  As a woman, a burgeoning elder, and one who is uniquely wired, I am reminded of the power of my innate knowingness, to pause, slow down and be met just as one is. This is the gift that is utterly necessary on this unique path of what we call giftedness, and the quest to find life’s truths so very personal to each of us. I can’t help but wonder: How might the world be changed if this was the way of all sentient beings?

Katherine, USA

What members say
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