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Community Dreamwork

Monthly gatherings for gifted adults to engage in embodied dream tending for personal & collective growth

Dreamwork is soul work. Dream images come to us as part of the gifted psyche's natural process of healing itself and guiding us on our personal and collective journeys.

Dreamwork is an uncommon yet deeply transformative approach to mindfulness for the gifted journey. Traditional approaches to dreamwork tend to focus on interpretation and analysis of dream symbols, images and stories. More recent practices, however, have moved into the realm of embodied experience and being with dream elements rather than projecting onto them. For gifted adults who might be used to over-relying on mental intellect and analytical thinking in their everyday lives, embodied dreamwork offers a unique opportunity to not only slow down and deepen into the fullness of their sensual, emotional and imaginal intelligences, but also discover the transformative guidance dreams offer us for our personal and collective growth.   

Community Dreamwork will take place monthly with a small group of gifted and twice-exceptional adults who want to learn embodied mindfulness-based approaches to dream tending for personal and community care, connection and growth. The gatherings will be facilitated by GMC founder, Kelly Pryde, PhD who is a (qualifying) certified embodied dreamworker, as well as depth practitioner and authorized mindfulness teacher.


The benefits of group dreamwork include:

  • cultivating deeper aspects of your gifted imaginal, intuitive and embodied intelligence ​

  • deepening relational mindfulness as we gain confidence in our capacity to share and express ourselves authentically and become more aware of the ways we project our thoughts and ideas onto others 

  • embodying images and experiences that arise in the group and discovering how these stay with us long afterwards to offer us nourishment and life-forward guidance

  • discovering the synchronicities and collective wisdom of shared dreams 

How to join

Community Dreamwork will be offered initially on a pilot basis mid-2024. Kelly will be offering an introductory salon before the launch of the pilot for those who are interested and would like to learn, explore and ask questions about tending dreams both personally and in gifted community. More details will be available soon.


Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate, however, is recommended for getting the most out of the dreamwork gatherings. It is expected that participants will have already done some gifted-specific inner work and are at a place in their development where they can participate generatively and in right relationship with their peers. Community Dreamwork gatherings are trauma-informed and therapeutic but do not serve as an alternative to psychotherapy.  

If you are interested in participating in Community Dreamwork, please contact us and we'll email you when more details are available.

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