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Mindful of Gifted Anger
(& Rage) Workshop

Next Offering TBD 2024
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A Workshop for Women

Gifted and 2e women's anger has been denied and dismissed for far too long. Now more than ever, it longs to be heard... 

While intense and complex, our anger is actually rich with data and transformative energy, rooted in our deep sense of empathy. And yet, how many of us ever learned how to honor and explore our anger in all its depth? Mindfully embraced and metabolized, anger and rage can be powerful catalysts for inner and outer transformation. Left unmetabolized, they can turn inward on us, distorting our gifted expression and keeping us stuck in overwhelm. Any growth work that we do as gifted and 2e women ― both personally and collectively amongst our families and communities ― must create space for anger and rage to be heard, honored and held.


In this 3.5 hour workshop led by Kelly Pryde, we will create a compassionate container in which to give unapologetic voice to gifted women's anger & rage, exploring their truth and complexity, and learning tools for embracing and going forth with them in skillful, empowering ways. The workshop draws on mythological story, gifted and depth psychology and creative expression. It is designed to be both informative and interactive with a small group of up to 8 women to allow for rich, meaningful exploration. 

Themes include


  • Drawing on the Greek myth of Cassandra, we explore the roots of anger and rage in gifted women's experience, as well as their relationship to shame and grief

  • Rage masks ~ understanding how they both protect and distort gifted feminine experience and expression, as well as gaining insight into your personal rage mask(s)

  • Justice Sensitivity ~ what it is and how it can interact with gifted women's experience in unconscious ways that negatively impact the restoration of justice    

  • Compassionate Alchemy process ~ learn how to utilize your unique constellation of traits to transform the raw energy of anger into skillful action aligned with your deepest gifted self 

  • A framework that empowers gifted women to use anger and rage as a portal into personal and social transformation with a resilience that is courageous, compassionate, and sustainable


Cost + Logistics


In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 8 participants. (Please read the notes about readiness to participate below.*) We will meet for 3.5 hours typically on a Saturday around noon eastern time / 6pm central european time / 9am pacific time. 

We offer 3 fee levels to accommodate differing financial means:    

  • Supported fee: 95 USD  

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective. Due to the small size of this workshop, there are limited spots at this rate

  • Sustainable fee: 135 USD 

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the collective. 

  • Rebalance fee: 165 USD  

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for other gifted women. 

Payments are made via PayPal. We trust you to assess accurately where you are within this fee structure. 


*Notes About Readiness to Participate

Please note that this workshop is for women who are at a place in their gifted development process where they are emotionally resourced and able to explore this topic in a generative way. While all of our offerings are trauma-informed, we do not address strategies for traumatic stress. If you are in the early stages of your gifted discovery journey, you may need gifted-specific support before participating. Please contact Kelly or consult with your care provider if you are unsure about your readiness to participate.

A basic understanding of stress responses (i.e., fight, flight, fawn, freeze) is required to participate so that we can move beyond nervous system discourse and theory into deeper explorations together. 


To add your name to the waitlist for the next offering, please email:

What gifted women have said about this workshop

This awesome workshop provided me with a comprehensive understanding of gifted anger / rage and how it manifests in my life, as well as in the lives of so many other gifted women. The mix of theory and application, the discussions and mirroring & validation through peer discussions, and the contemplative art in the form of a compassionate alchemy exercise helped me explore the root causes of my gifted anger and develop effective strategies to address it.


What impressed me the most about the workshop was the space created by Kelly and the other participants who joined; compassionate, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in the development of each individual. This created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to share my experiences and learn from others.


I now have a deeper sense of self-awareness and emotional regulation and have applied the compassionate alchemy in my daily life, too! We even set up a monthly call with the participants to continue our discussions on a regular basis.


Eva Bruchez

This was truly an affirming experience, being able to witness a space of my own vulnerability in a container held by a supportive group setting. 



This workshop helped me to have more compassion with myself as well as deepen my clarity about what does and does not fit for me as I design my authentic life. I highly recommend it.


Angie Dairou, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist and Performance Enhancement Coach

This workshop brought a number of ongoing patterns and pieces into the light. ... The level of understanding and correlations presented provided the opportunity for acceptance, honouring the messages received from my body over the years, and release from the rage-shame-grief cycle. Thank you for your work in developing all of this.

D, Canada

If you are looking for compassionate understanding of the why's and how's of your gifted anger, the Mindful of Gifted Anger Workshop is just right for you. The content is on point, and always when guided by Kelly, accompanied by a practice that feels safe, enables trust and cultivates compassion.

F.W., Switzerland

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