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Embodied Mindfulness for
Gifted Women

Next Offering TBD

A mindful, experiential journey for gifted and twice-exceptional women into the "last unexplored wilderness" – the wisdom and sensual intelligence of the body. 

Gifted and 2e women have inherited disembodied ways of being due to patriarchal and normative practices around the feminine, productivity, and achievement. Many of us have been conditioned to "bulldoze our way through", looking after others with our capacity for large cognitive loads, our depth of empathy and care, and our gifted drive. This tendency leads to a mind-body disconnect that leaves us bereft of the wisdom and sensual intelligence of our bodies and suppresses the fullness of our rich, complex experience and expression of being.

This 4-week online course will weave together poetry, writing, sitting meditation, and mindful movement as we come home to the wisdom + wildness of our bodies and cultivate a deeper, more compassionate relationship with the wholeness of our gifted selves. Together, we will explore and engage in shared dialogue around:


  • the unique language and stories of the gifted female body; learning to listen deeply and speak your body's language within the context of your unique constellation of traits

  • sensual intelligence + overexcitability through the dual lens of science and spirituality (along with a reconsideration of gifted drive)

  • embodied boundaries for meeting relational challenges common to gifted women, i.e., gifted intimacy, parenting, burnout

  • the earth and her landscape as an essential source of grounding, connection, and sustainability for our inner landscape

  • the reclamation and embodiment of joy, pleasure, play, and aliveness of gifted being 


The uniqueness of the space we create together offers a kind of "sanctuary x laboratory" where you can explore the gifted mind-body experience in both personal and relational ways that are deeply nourishing and regenerative.  


This is a 4-week online course (four 2 - 2.5 hour sessions) with a limited group of up to 8 gifted and twice-exceptional women led by Kelly Pryde. We meet on Zoom for 4 Saturdays at dates and times agreed upon with participants. (These are typically Saturdays  starting at ~12pm eastern time.)

Readiness to Participate  

Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate in this course though is recommended to get the most out of the content + practices. The Mindfulness for Gifted Women: Foundations course provides the fundamental skills and knowledge to support this program.

All of our offerings are trauma-informed and complement (but do not replace) psychotherapy, counselling, or medical care for mental health issues or trauma recovery. If you are in a place on your gifted journey where you are struggling with overwhelming emotions that would make it difficult for you to fully participate (e.g., with video on, openly listening + sharing), it is recommended that you seek support that is better suited to your current phase of healing and discovery.


Cost + Registration


We offer 3 fee options to accommodate differing financial means:    

  • Supported fee: 325 USD  

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective.

  • Sustainable fee: 395 USD 

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the collective. 

  • Rebalance fee: 445 USD  

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for fellow gifted women with limited means. 

Payments are made via PayPal. We trust you to assess accurately where you are within this fee structure.

To add your name to the waitlist for the next offering, please email:

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