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Emergence: Contemplations & Creative Expressions of the Gifted Feminine (ebook)

emergence (n.)

  • the process of coming into being
  • the process of becoming known after being concealed
  • the appearance of complex patterns that arise from the relatively simple interactions of many individuals

Origin mid 17th century: from medieval Latin emergentia, Latin emergere 'bring to light'


This is the GMC's first contemplative writing and art compilation featuring essays, reflections, poetry, artwork and resources centered on the gifted feminine. The culmination of a year-long labor of love, more than 35 entries are included here where gifted and twice-exceptional women give voice to the gifted feminine, re-story their lived experiences in patriarchal and normative structures, and begin reclaiming the parts of themselves that have been denied and exiled for too long. The multiplicity of stories in this compilation gives rise to the rich, complex tapestry of the gifted feminine. 


Themes include gifted feminine discovery and recovery, sensual and spiritual intelligence, gender, body wisdom, nature connections, relationships, leadership, and rewilding. Readers are invited into the portal of the gifted feminine with opportunities for their own contemplations and reclamations. 


Bursting with gifted feminine beauty and sovereignty, this ebook makes an important contribution to the gifted adult literature at a time when the conscious feminine is deeply called for.

Emergence: Contemplations & Creative Expressions of the Gifted Feminine (ebook)

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    Gathered and edited by Kelly Pryde and Kim Bielmann in 2021. Includes 35+ entries from 24 contributors. 212 pages in PDF format. 

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