Cultivating gifted development + freedom of authentic being through mindful connection. 

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Welcome to a global community of intense minds, sensitive hearts, and curious seekers exploring + practicing mindfulness. Together.

Guided by gifted coach, behavioral neuroscientist, and mindfulness teacher Kelly Pryde in partnership with InterGifted, the Gifted Mindfulness Collective is a unique virtual mindfulness center for gifted and twice-exceptional people.

From shared practice and community gatherings to gifted-specific mentoring and courses, we're exploring how contemplative practices can both support gifted/2e persons in their unique development and move us forward both personally and collectively in meaningful, sustainable ways.

Life with intensity is hard; 

suffering is optional.

Mindfulness can help.
The intensity and complexity of the gifted/2e mind can lead to many struggles that prevent us from living well and fully with our unique flavors of neurodiversity. Gifted-specific mindfulness offers us robust tools for meeting these challenges and supporting ourselves and our unique experience in skillful ways...

Gain Insight

into the unique workings of your mind.

Manage Intensity

of overwhelming thoughts, feelings + sensations.

Cultivate Compassion

for yourself + sustainable compassion for others.

Foster Creativity + Intuition

along with other gifted/2e capacities.

Improve Relationships

at home, at work and in life.

(Re)discover Joy + Authenticity

along with intimacy of your gifted/2e self.

Through ongoing curation + co-creation, the GMC provides a gifted-specific space to turn to for mindfulness-based support, growth and connection.

Eastern wisdom, western science and giftedness come together in GMC courses to help you develop mindfulness practices + connect with peers to support your unique needs. 

Whether a curious beginner or seasoned practitioner, connect and contemplate with gifted/2e women as we re-embody the gifted feminine in our community of practice.

We're just getting started exploring how mindfulness can support gifted + 2e people on the journey of gifted development and collective transformation. Explore with us!  

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GMC News + Events

Gifted + 2e Women's Contemplative Writing + Art Project e-Book Available Soon!

We're excited about the culmination of this unique project for gifted + 2e women and adolescent girls—a compilation of like-minded + -hearted peers re-claiming their feminine selves and sharing their stories via essays, poetry, and art. Stay tuned for the release date announcement!

New Workshop for Women: Mindful of Gifted Anger (and Rage)

Gifted and 2e women's anger has been silenced and denied for far too long. In this 3 hour workshop, we will give voice to our anger + rage, exploring their roots + complexities, and learning tools to embrace + metabolize these intense energies in mindful ways. Space for 8 women. Contact us to add your name to the waitlist for the next offering.

Article: Befriending Our Gifted Minds

In this article written for the Advanced Development Journal on Adult Giftedness, Kelly shares her journey in discovering the transformative power of mindfulness for supporting the inner experience of giftedness. Buddhist + modern psychology, along with the experiences of other gifted adults, are woven throughout.   

The Open-Hearted Ampersand

The GMC logo is a sideways ampersand that has several layers of meaning. Firstly, as a symbol for "and," the ampersand represents the inclusive, collaborative nature of the GMC. 


The history of the ampersand also has some interesting parallels to the gifted + 2e experience. Once considered the 27th letter of the alphabet, the ampersand  was quite unusual in its form and function relative to the other 26 letters. It's also a mondegreen - a collection of words ("and per se and") that was routinely misheard and slowly morphed into something different from its original form. 


Turned on its side, the ampersand becomes a symbol of both open-heartedness and beautiful disruptiveness representing the spirit in which we come together here to explore + cultivate our gifted authenticity. If these meanings resonate with you, welcome!   

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A Partner of InterGifted

The Gifted Mindfulness Collective is a proud partner project of InterGifted.