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Contemplative Storytelling Project For Gifted + 2/Multi-e Women

Our new writing & art project launches January 28th, 2023!

See below for our Open House event. Contact us here to join.

In Retrieving the Bones we'll give voice to gifted and 2/multi-e women who have come before us, sharing their lost and stolen stories as well as how they can guide us on our journeys today.

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About this project

Following our 2020/21 contemplations and creative expressions of the gifted feminine in Emergence, we realized there were many depths and layers still waiting, and longing, to be explored...


In January 2023, we will gather again to restore and re-story the gifted feminine together. This time, we will journey into the past, "retrieving the bones" -- the voices of the gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional women who came before us via our ancestors, lineages, as well as those of archetypes, myths and fairytales; voices that were co-opted, distorted and repressed by the forces of power-over systems. We will reclaim and re-story these wise, wild, courageous, loving and luminous voices through a gifted feminine lens and explore how they can shape and guide us on our gifted journeys today.


As in our Emergence project, stories will be compiled into an e-book to be made available on our website here with proceeds going towards supported-level access to courses, workshops, and events in the GMC community. All contributors will receive a free copy of the final e-book! 


Throughout the project, we will offer opportunities for participants to "gather at the fireside" -- to connect with and support one another, ask questions, and share resources around their explorations. We will also be offering guidance around how to skillfully explore our past and weave the threads we discover into a storytelling form. These gatherings will take place via zoom at various points throughout the project as well as a private online discussion group.


It is our hope that this journey of retrieving, restoring, and re-storying the voices of the gifted and 2/multi-e women who have come before us will both contribute to our personal and collective healing and enable us to gain wisdom, power and hope as we go forth on our gifted journeys today.


Complete details, including theme ideas, submission requirements, dates, registration information, etc are available in this invitation PDF package. We also warmly invite you to join us at our Open House event on January 28 to learn more and begin this journey with us...



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Virtual Open House Event

Saturday January 28, 2023 at 11am ET / 8am PT / 5pm CET

Join us on zoom to learn more about this project, engage in 'mile-deep' conversation with like-minded and like-hearted women and consider embarking on this journey with us.

Open House

This is a gifted feminine reclamation—a retrieving and re-storying of voices that were lost, stolen and repressed. A weaving of gifted truth threads, raised into consciousness by the ordinary power of story. A lantern to guide us on the path forward. Will you join us?

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