Half-Day Virtual Meditation Retreat

This is the GMC's first virtual meditation retreat! An opportunity for gifted and twice-exceptional adults to come together in community, deepen their personal practice, and cultivate FLOW – a practice of stability, insight, resilient spaciousness, and compassion specific to the gifted experience (you can learn more about FLOW here).

This 4-hour retreat led by GMC's founder and guiding teacher, Kelly Pryde, is taking place via zoom on Saturday, October 17th from 10 am to 2 pm eastern time. (You can check your local time here.) Our time together will consist of sitting and walking meditation, noble silence, as well as guidance on the basics of the FLOW practice. There will be time for breaks throughout and shared reflection at the end. A schedule will be made available closer to the day of the retreat.

Cost + Logistics

There are 3 pricing options to accommodate differing financial means and to foster an exchange system grounded in generosity, community, and sustainability:    

  • Supported fee: 25 USD   

For those with current financial limitations who would benefit from support from the collective.

  • Sustainable fee: 45 USD 

For those with sufficient financial means who can pay fair value for the sustainability of the collective. 

  • Rebalance fee: 65 USD  

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for gifted peers with current limited means. 

Payments are made via PayPal.


How much experience do I need to participate?  


All levels of experience from beginner to advanced are welcome to participate. It is strongly recommended that beginners have at least some formal meditation experience prior to participating in a long sitting retreat.


Do I have to sit on a meditation cushion?

No. This is your time to become intimate with your unique mind-body-heart in a way that feels safe and dignified for you. You can sit on a cushion, chair, or meditation bench. You can lie down. You can stand. You can change it up throughout the retreat as you need to. The goal is to adopt a posture that is both relaxed and alert and will allow you to cultivate stability, attention, and insight.

How long will the sitting sessions last and how much guidance will there be?

The sitting sessions will increase in duration over the course of the retreat, starting at 20 minutes and up to 45 minutes in length. The amount of guidance, in contrast, will decrease over the course of the 4 hours, with no guidance provided during the final session. This will allow for a deepening of practice as the retreat progresses.   

Do I need to have my video camera on?

Because this retreat is virtual, participants are asked/encouraged to have their cameras on when they first join in and during the welcome/introduction. During the sitting and walking meditation portions, you are welcome to turn your camera off. 


Do I need to stay for the full 4 hours?


To make the most of a retreat opportunity–extended, uninterrupted meditation, it is encouraged that you stay for the duration of the time. If it is truly not possible for you to stay, you are welcome to leave as it is right for you. 


To save your seat, email:

and let us know which pricing level

you are able to commit to.

FLOW is a mindfulness practice made for these times.

It has been developed by GMC founder and guiding teacher, Kelly Pryde, based on her personal experience as a 2e adult + meditation practitioner, as well as her experience guiding gifted + 2e adults in the practice of mindfulness for many years. 

Grounded in eastern wisdom, neuroscience, and the gifted/2e experience, FLOW cultivates the capacities for groundedness, clarity, spaciousness, and compassion. Deepening our embodiment of this presence enables a more joyful and sustainable experience and expression ― a flow ― of gifted being.  

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