Join a GMC event to gain insight and meditate with gifted peers around the world . . . from wherever you are.   

A secular variation on the traditional Zen sesshin – a period of intensive meditation which literally means "touching the heart-mind" – gifted sesshins + retreats will be opportunities for gifted adults with meditation experience to come together for extended periods of gifted-specific practice and community with seasoned facilitators and peers.

Many gifted adults comment that they have been disappointed with non-gifted mindfulness programs and communities. The lack of mirroring and understanding of common gifted challenges and needs can fall short of what gifted people need – and desire – for their personal and relational growth. Our gifted sesshins + retreats provide an inclusive and compassionate space for gifted people to deepen their growth via mindfulness practice, together – in relationship with one another


As we establish our community, our intention is to hold 3 gifted sesshins each year. We're hoping to offer our first one in 2020. If you are interested in becoming a GMC member to sustain your practice and connect with like-minds and -hearts, you are welcome to join us! You can learn more about our Virtual Community of Practice here. You can also sign up to the GMC newsletter to be notified of dates and details about our upcoming events. 

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