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Contemplative Writing + Art Project For Gifted + 2e Women

Our e-book compilation is set for release in late September 2021!

Stay tuned for this announcement along with a book release gathering event in celebration of the gifted feminine to follow.

Contact us here to be notified of these announcements

Emergence is a gathering of
contemplations + creative expressions

of the gifted feminine.




  1. the process of coming into being

  2. the process of becoming known after being concealed

  3. the way in which complex patterns arise from the collective actions of many individuals

Origin: from medieval latin emergentia, latin emergere ‘bring to light’


About this project

Recent explorations in our community have signaled a need for gifted + twice-exceptional (2e) women and to be able to contemplate and share our, often undiscovered, stories. A large part of this need stems from growing up and living in social systems grounded in patriarchy and normativity and not having our unique abilities and ways of being recognized, accepted, and nurtured, nor fully realized. This reality has led to a (dis)embodied way of being that suppresses and distorts both our giftedness and feminine wisdom. 

Emergence is an invitation to begin exploring and transforming these inherited ways of being, to give voice to the inner experience of gifted + 2e women, and to reimagine the gifted feminine. Together.

Some of the questions guiding our explorations include:

  • What aspects of your gifted feminine self are being called to emerge right now? Especially at this moment in history.

  • How does the intersectionality of patriarchy, normativity, race, ethnicity, ableism, ageism, sexual identity, etc., affect the expression of your gifted intelligences?

  • What processes + supports are needed to enable the deeper emergence of your authentic self?

  • In what ways do play, pleasure, and creativity foster your 'coming into being'?


From October 2020 through to the end of February 2021, we warmly invite you to join us in contemplating, dialoguing, and sharing your story—your thoughts, feelings, reflections, and reimaginings—around the gifted feminine experience. Your unique experience can be shared in a storytelling format of your choosing: essay, short story, meditation, letter to your younger or future self or to a gifted/2e daughter or granddaughter, poem, and/or visual art. Stories will be compiled into an e-book to be made available on our website here with proceeds going towards supported-level access to courses, workshops, and events in the GMC community. All contributors will receive a free copy of the final e-book! 


Throughout the project, we will also be holding opportunities for participants to connect with and support one another, ask questions, and share resources around their explorations. These will take place via two virtual open house events at the end of October + a private online discussion group (see PDF invitations below for details).


It is our hope that this project will not only give voice to the gifted + 2e women and girls who participate, but also provide mirroring, support, and encouragement to others on this journey.


Complete details, including theme ideas, submission requirements, dates + registration information, etc., can be found in this Emergence invitation PDF package:




Virtual Open House Events

Join us to learn more about this project and engage in conversation

on the gifted feminine with like-minded and like-hearted peers...

Tuesday, October 20 @ 7 pm eastern time


Saturday, October 24 @ 11 am eastern time

Open House

Emergence is a dance—a slow weaving, learning, unraveling, constantly folding and unfolding. And we do it together, beginning with embracing and sharing our stories. Are you ready?!

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