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GMC Podcast: Where Mindfulness Meets Giftedness   


Many years ago, a family member told me I (Kelly) should start a podcast. "What on earth would I talk about?" I wondered. "And who would listen?!" I didn't think I was the "podcast type." Apparently a seed had been planted that day, because all these years later, it seems like a very natural unfolding in the evolution of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective to chat with gifted individuals who have used, and are using, mindfulness to support their unique experience and development.  


Our new podcast (launching soon!) will explore the intersection of mindfulness and giftedness with interviews of leaders, educators, coaches/therapists, entrepreneurs, creatives, parents, and more.


Sign up to the GMC newsletter to be notified of dates and details about its launch. GMC members will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content and Q+As with our podcast guests. Learn more about becoming a GMC founding member here.   ​

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