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a sanctuary x laboratory
for remembering ourselves home —
to our gifted selves, each other,
and the web of life


The Gifted Mindfulness Collective is a global online mindfulness community dedicated to cultivating gifted being in ways that strengthen our attention, clarity, compassion and courage to use the full range of our gifts in life-sustaining ways.

Guided by gifted coach, neuropsychologist, and (authorized) meditation teacher Kelly Pryde, we offer gifted-focused courses & workshopscommunity practice spaces, mentoring, and resources to support you in transforming overwhelm and stuckness into mindful, compassionate action for yourself, your loved ones, and the more beautiful world we know is possible. 



At a time when the feminine is deeply called on for our global and spiritual transformation, 24 gifted & twice-exceptional women offer their voices on their experiences living in patriarchal, normative systems. More than 35 entries including essays, poetry, artwork and resources are shared following a year-long community contemplation on the gifted feminine. Emergence will resonate with gifted readers longing for a deeper, richer experience and expression of their authentic selves.

212 pages in PDF (ebook) format

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GMC Offerings

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March 2022: Mindful of Gifted Anger (& Rage) Workshop for Women

Our next offering of this workshop is being planned for late March 2022. This 3-hour event is informed by mythic story, psychology, mindfulness and gifted experience. Together, we give voice to our gifted feminine anger & rage and learn a variety of tools for embracing and transmuting their energies in empowering ways. An important workshop for our times!

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Spots Open in our Thursday Community of Practice

We have a few spots open in our Thursday Community of Practice for gifted and twice-exceptional women starting in February 2022. Visit our community page for complete details and how to join.

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Article: Befriending Our Gifted Minds

In this article written for the Advanced Development Journal on Adult Giftedness, Kelly shares her journey in discovering the transformative power of mindfulness for supporting the inner experience of giftedness. Buddhist + modern psychology, along with the experiences of other gifted adults, are woven throughout.   

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An InterGifted Partner

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