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Remembering wholeness of gifted being through mindful connection.


The Gifted Mindfulness Collective emerged out of a need for mindfulness-based spaces and guidance that take into account the uncommon intensity, complexity and entelechy of gifted adults. Founded in 2019 by Kelly Pryde, PhD in partnership with InterGifted, we explore mindfulness as a transformative path to wholeness of gifted being through community, courses, coaching and creative expression. We create spaces of refuge and exploration with participants from around the world who are dedicated to reclaiming and using their gifts in conscious ways.  

There is deep intelligence about the flow of your gifted being―and your life―in embodied mindful awareness. 

Our approach

Gifted-specific mindfulness is grounded in spiritual wisdom traditions, depth psychologies, and a holistic view of giftedness that encompasses embodied, emotional, sensual, imaginal and existential intelligences, as well as mental intelligence. Our approach focuses not only on learning to tend the present-moment inner experience of giftedness, but also on reclaiming the parts of the gifted psyche that have been repressed due to cultural conditioning ― the parts of ourselves longing for actualization. Learning to recognize and embody the full range of our giftedness through mindful connection, we come more and more into flow of gifted being.           

Our services



A weekly ritual space for gifted and 2e women to experience the transformative power of mindfulness in community for reclaiming their wholeness and freedom of expression.

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Our online courses and workshops are live, small group offerings that support deeper understanding of gifted intensity and complexity, relational mindfulness and embodied living.

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1-on-1 guidance that blends depth psychologies with mindfulness to remember parts of the gifted psyche that have been repressed and are longing for expression on your unique journey.

I've never heard my life experiences, my deepest feelings about myself, mirrored back to me like this. ... [It's] like finding a home for the first time.

Tracey, CA

Current & upcoming offerings

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Mindful of Gifted Anger Workshop

Our next Mindful of Gifted Anger (& Rage) workshop for women is taking place May 13, 2023. This is a 3-hour offering for gifted & 2e women who want to understand, give voice to, and learn to transform the intensity of their anger into skillful action. Space is limited to allow for a rich, personalized experience. 

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New Writing & Art Project

Our 2nd community writing & art compilation is underway! Throughout 2023, we're gathering to retrieve the lost & stolen voices of the gifted women who came before us, and share how their wisdom can guide us today. This is a free offering. You are welcome to join us...

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Article: Befriending Our Gifted Minds

In this article written for the Advanced Development Journal, GMC founder, Kelly Pryde shares her journey in discovering the transformative power of mindfulness for supporting the inner experience of giftedness. Buddhist & modern psychology, along with the experiences of other gifted adults, are woven throughout.   

At a time when the feminine is called on for our personal and collective transformation, 24 gifted & twice-exceptional women offer their voices on their experience within and beyond patriarchal, normative systems. More than 35 entries including essays, poetry, artwork and resources are shared following a year-long community contemplation on the gifted feminine. Emergence will resonate with gifted readers longing for a deeper, richer experience and expression of their authentic selves.

212 pages in PDF (ebook) format


Writing & art compilation

"Emergence fills a crucial gap in literature about giftedness, and that is the embodied, intuitive, non-linear experiences of gifted women. . . . Reading [it] is like having a sisterhood of complex, like-minded friends who are redefining what it means to be gifted by sharing vulnerably about their journeys." 
― Aileen Kelleher, LCSW
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