Join Our Gifted Women's Community of Practice

Our community of practice is the gathering place for gifted/2e women to investigate and undo the effects of neuromajority + patriarchal systems on the gifted feminine via meditation, shared reflection, and other contemplative practices.

More and more gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional people are discovering mindfulness as a sustainable path for navigating life with intensity, complexity, and drive; a way to (re)connect with self, others, and life itself in more skillful, authentic ways. 


But it can be hard to find a mindfulness community that understands common gifted challenges and needs. It can also be difficult to maintain and deepen a practice on your own without gifted-specific support and relational mirroring. And many gifted people have spent too much time, out of circumstance, on their own trying to find their way in isolation.

We want to change that.

The Gifted Mindfulness Collective was created as a way for gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional people to come together in community around the practice of mindfulness, to meditate, learn, and support one another on the path of gifted development. In this way, we not only cultivate our personal practices, but also transform our collective experience into a higher level of awareness among ourselves and in the larger world around us. Building a Virtual Community of Practice is a natural and important extension of this mission ... as well as a space that many participants of the gifted mindfulness courses have requested over the years!

Email us to register at:

Our community building effort is currently underway! Our pilot project is running from Nov/19 through to the end of Feb/20 where Founding Members and our Community of Practice leadership will collaborate on establishing and shaping the direction of this space. Complete details about the pilot project are below. The Community of Practice will re-open early in 2020 for general membership. Please contact us if you are interested in joining when it re-opens. You can also sign up to the GMC Newsletter to stay up-to-date on this and other initiatives and events.  


Our Founding Pilot Project is Underway!

Our 4-month pilot trial to build a Community of Practice is underway until Feb 2020. Membership will re-open early in 2020. 

As we begin to build our community, we are pilot-testing this space - adding new content, testing, fine-tuning, and brainstorming - from November 2019 through to the end of February 2020. We invite you to become a Member when our community re-opens in early 2020!

  • Weekly Gatherings*: 60-75 minute live virtual gatherings on Zoom with themed focus, sitting meditation practice, and shared discussion with gifted peers

  • Connect with peers: ask questions, share reflections + resources, and receive + offer support with gifted peers in the private moderated discussion group

  • Practice anytime with our growing library of recorded talks and guided meditations in the private group community

  • Gifted Sesshins: discounted rate + early registration for our live virtual retreats with guest teachers and/or special themes and extended periods of meditation in gifted community

  • Access exclusive content: behind-the-scenes extras and Q+As with guests from our forthcoming podcast

  • Discounted rate on gifted mindfulness coaching + mentoring

*Weekly gatherings are currently held on Sundays from 10 - 11:15 am Eastern Standard Time. If you are interested in a weekday time, please let us know so we can gauge interest and plan for additional offerings.  Contact us here.


Download a PDF copy of our Community of Practice Pilot program here.

Come and cultivate your practice and connect with gifted and multi-exceptional peers!  

Here's what's included in community membership:

Feeling at ease, in a community in which we experience the comfort of feeling safe and seen, we begin to reconnect with our gifted selves - and by extension, the world around us - in more authentic ways.