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Is mindfulness-based mentoring the next step on your gifted development journey?    

People who come for mentoring at the GMC are usually at a place in their gifted development where they are:

  • looking to expand already learned mindfulness practices & philosophies in gifted-specific ways in their everyday lives and for their unique gifted or 2e profile, ​

  • frustrated with and feeling limited by patriarchal, normative approaches to meditation,

  • wanting to engage their spiritual and sensual overexcitabilities in ways that secular mindfulness does not offer, and/or

  • looking for ways to skillfully avoid the common gifted 'outs' of burnout, bumout, and freakout whether in response to home life, work life, or world issues, e.g., climate & social injustices  

eco-anxiety & climate grief

As gifted adolescents & adults awaken to and grapple with the realities of climate collapse, many are feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety, grief, anger and helplessness, or in some cases burnout due to "going to war" efforts to advocate for a sustainable earth. As a facilitator-in-training for Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects, Kelly can support you in drawing on mindfulness, deep ecology and embodiment practices in ways that are specific to your unique needs and situation.  

Wild Mushrooms

If you would like to schedule an exploratory session with Kelly on how mentorship might support you on your gifted or 2e journey, please email:

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