Personal Coaching + Mentorship

Is mindfulness-based coaching the next step on your gifted development journey?    

Gifted mindfulness coaching and mentorship helps you learn how to support yourself and/or a loved one as a gifted or twice-exceptional person or parent using mindfulness practices in gifted-relevant ways. Structured around your goals and values, we work together to help you understand, embrace, and support the gifted intensities and complexities that can often derail us and our relationships when left unsupported. 


Mentorship can also be valuable for one-on-one exploration of, and support for, your meditation practice with an experienced, gifted mindfulness teacher.  

Common themes that we work on in coaching or mentoring include:

  • Understanding + supporting common gifted/2e challenges within the context of the gifted nervous system, e.g., emotional intensity + overwhelm

  • Developing or deepening a personal meditation practice

  • Reconnecting the gifted body-mind via somatic mindfulness practices

  • Exploring existential questions and development 


  • Deepening your relational life and navigating relational challenges as a gifted person

  • Supporting your child(ren) in thriving with their giftedness or twice-exceptionality

  • Befriending + deepening intimacy with your gifted self

  • Moving from understanding mindfulness to experiencing mindfulness

Coaching/mentorship is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. They are ways for you to gain insight and develop new patterns through supported + structured mindfulness-based exploration and practice. 


How does it work?

We meet via Skype or another online platform, typically for 1-hour sessions. The frequency and length of commitment is dependent on a number of factors which we discuss during our introductory call. 


Contact us to get started

A good fit is key for coaching and mentorship. If you have questions and/or would like to explore how coaching or mentorship can support you as a gifted or 2e person, please contact us to schedule an introductory call. Kelly is currently available to work with teens, adults, and parents.